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Librarian Accessibility Guide: Screenshots

Screenshots are pictures, too!

Screenshots are an excellent way to visually portray directions, especially with the added ability to add callouts arrows & boxes. However, it's important that you still include the text equivalent of any guidance portrayed in the screenshot so that the information is still obtainable for visitors unable to see the screenshot contents, including visually impaired users & those with browser compatibility issues.

Sample Screenshot/Text Combo

Welcome to the Cincinnati State Library Textbook Resources site --stack of books

This guide was created to help students save money by providing links to a range of textbook options.

Once you know what books you need, you can see if they are on reserve, check if they can be ordered from a library, or compare prices with the Cincinnati State and online bookstores. Most textbooks CANNOT be ordered through a library but you may still want to check library options first before purchasing them.

To find your textbooks, you need to know:                                                                                

  • the Title
  • the Author's first and last name
  • and the Year or Edition

This information can be found on your class syllabus or on the Cincinnati State Bookstore website with the directions listed below.

1. Using your schedule ,select the term, the department, the course number, and the section. English 131 -20 would be entered as:

    Selecting a course on the bookstore website

 2. Hit submit and record the information you need from the course material list.

List of Course Materials

Sample screenshots/directions borrowed from Ginna Witte's "Textbook Resources" guide.

Bonus Tips!

  • Resize images prior to uploading them to your online guide to make sure that they "fit" within the column size. In addition to keeping your layout clean, it will speed up the amount of time it takes for your page to load because the browser won't have to "think" too hard.
  • Space accompanying text a little bit away from your image so that it doesn't bump right up against it. Use "h-space" to increase the distance between the end of the picture & the start of any text to the left or right of it; use "v-space" to distance the distance between the beginning or end of any text immediately above or below the picture.
  • Limit the amount of callout arrows or boxes that you add to your pictures & screenshot to keep the directions focused & to limit the amount of scrolling necessary to understand the image.

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