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Women's Network: Mentoring Program

About The Mentoring Program

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Mission Statement: Support students in their progress toward graduation by identifying barriers to academic success and personal growth with a commitment to help students minimalize or eliminate those barriers through mentorship and leadership modeling opportunities.

Philosophy: The Cincinnati State Women's Network Advisory Board holds value in and is committed to the empowerment of women of multiple ethnicities through academic support and achievement, community service, self-awareness, mentoring, leadership and social development.

Sign Up to be a Mentee

What does a mentee do in the mentoring relationship?

The mentee should:

  • Communicate her goals and current academic situation clearly to the mentor
  • Take advantage of Women's Network events to learn and connect with your mentor
  • Listen critically and objectively to the feedback and guidance received, keeping in mind that the mentor is speaking from his or her specific experience and priorities.
  • Ensure that the relationship is beneficial by
    • Keeping in contact
    • Clearly communicating expectations
    • Actively addressing problems
    • Asking for help when needed.

Remember that developing meaningful relationships take time. Give yourself and your mentor ample room to get to know each other.Your mentor will not always have the answer but discussions are just as rewarding. Communication is key to a successful mentoring relationship; as with anything in life, the more you put in to the relationship, the more you will get out of the relationship.

Use the electronic form below to sign up to be a Women's Network mentee. The scroll bar at the right should be used to complete all of the questions. 

If you have problems with the form, you can open the attached printable form (located at the bottom of this page), complete it, and return it to Neisha Wiley in Main 168.

Application & Information for Mentors

What does a *mentor do in the mentoring relationship?

The mentor should:

  • Take the initiative to make initial contact with the mentee
  • Encourage participation in WEACS events
  • Listen carefully to his or her mentee’s goals, strengths and struggles
  • Support the mentee in meeting his or her goals through:
    • Asking questions to better understand the mentee’s needs
    • Providing guidance and feedback
    • Sharing his or her own experiences
    • Connecting the mentor with other individuals or groups who could help

Every mentoring relationship will unfold differently based on the individuals involved, but the purpose of mentoring is not to tell the mentee what to do, but to help the mentee make his or her own informed decisions. Be supportive, not critical or negative, and remember that everyone’s experiences and priorities are different.

*Mentor roles are available to Cincinnati State faculty, staff & administrators only. If you are a student looking to be mentored, please use the application for mentees, located at the left.

Mentoring Application Form
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