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Step-by-Step: Academic Search Complete

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Search Tip!

It's important that you search using KEYWORDS & that you don't type in your entire research question.

Sample hypothesis: Teenagers from poor homes are more likely to go to jail than other teenagers.

Keywords: Teenagers, poverty, incarceration


Step 1: Type the keyword(s) closest to your topic in the top search box. Note: you do not need to change the box that says "Select a Field".
Typing your keyword in the box


Step 2: Add an additional keyword to the next box to narrow down your results--the "AND" means that your search results will have to include both words. You can use as few or as many boxes as you need.

Using AND to narrow results


Step 3: To get more results, type synonyms or similar keywords within the same line, separated by an "OR".

The "OR" means that your search results will have at least one of the words listed on that same line.

Use OR for more results


Step 4: Click "Search".
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