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Food Pantry: Donate

Accepted Items

Breakfast Items Proteins Canned/Jarred Goods Dry Goods Toiletries
Pancake Mix Peanut Butter Pasta Sauce Macaroni & Cheese Shampoo
Syrup Nuts Soup Spaghetti / Sauce Conditioner
Cereal Canned Tuna Vegetables Beans / Rice Body Wash
Oatmeal Canned Chicken Fruit Ramen Hand Soap
Pop-Tarts Canned Salmon Beans Tuna Helper Lotion
Grits Corn Beef Jelly Chicken Helper Toilet Paper
Granola Bars Beef Stew Chili Hamburger Helper Floss
  Spam Applesauce Bread Toothbrushes
Baby Items Pantry Staples Instant Meals Cleaners Razors / Shaving Cream
Baby Food Oil: Vegetable or Olive Cup of Noodles Paper Towels Sanitary Items (tampons, pads)
Diapers Sugar Cup of Ramen Detergent  
Baby Wipes Flour Easy Mac Dryer Sheets  
Formula Salt / Pepper Protein Bars Dish Soap / Sponges  
International Staples                                
Grits Dry Fish Unrefrigerated Corn Tortillas Beans Roasted Peanuts
Flour: Corn or Maseca Flour: Teff or Gari Unrefrigerated Wheat Tortillas Angel Hair Pasta Rice

Urgent Need!


Surge Cupboard is either running low or out of the items listed below. Please think of us on your next shopping trip!

  • Pasta Sauce
  • Jelly
  • Canned Fruit
  • Canned Chili
  • Breakfast Cereals

How to Donate

  • Donations of non-perishable foods/toiletries gratefully accepted. Donation bins are located throughout Main Campus.
  • Monetary donations for purchasing food and toiletry items
  • Gifts for operational needs including shelving units, collection and storage bins, wheeled carts, and reusable or plastic bags
  • Support food drives/fund raisers to benefit the Cincinnati State Student Food Pantry within your company or community

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