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Faculty Guide: First Fridays Resources

May 2016

Meredith EfflerDate: May 6, 2016

Title: What is Typical Behavior? Supporting Students with Autism

Presenter: Meredith Effler

Description: The engaging session provided an overview of the wide variety of characteristics students on the autism spectrum may display in the classroom. Ms. Effler discussed teaching techniques and organization strategies that may help focus and motivate the student, including: clearly defining course requirements; providing advanced notice of any changes; avoiding idioms, double meaning, and sarcasm; and, supplementing oral instructions with written instructions. The Cincinnati State Office of Disability Services provides faculty with additional support in determining services and accommodations that may be available to students.

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April 2016

Todd MajesticDate: April 1, 2016

Title: Unable or Unwilling?: Managing ‘Difficult’ Students (& Disruptive Classrooms)

Presenter: Todd Majestic

Description: The session, which drew 34 people, centered on the backgrounds and personality types of many millennial students (and how these contribute to perceptions of academic entitlement). Todd discussed strategies to identify whether learners are motivated to “get it done,” “get it right,” “get approval,” or “get appreciated.” Attendees then broke into small groups and applied the approaches to real classroom scenarios.

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March 2016

Neisha Wiley and Heather HatchettDate: March 4, 2016

Title: Trauma Triggers: Tactics to Help Students with PTSD Succeed

Presenters: Dr. Heather Hatchett and Neisha Wiley

Description: This session included a scientific overview of how post-traumatic stress alters the brain; reasonable accommodation for students with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; and approaches to communication and referral that can help students succeed.

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February 2016

Mark TiemeierDate: February 5, 2016

Title: Under-prepared & Disengaged: Strategies to Promote Student Success

Presenter: Mark Tiemeier

Description: The session, which drew 35 people, centered on seven approaches to improving student retention: personal validation, self-efficacy, finding meaning, active involvement, reflection, social integration, and self-awareness. Attendees also learned from one another during discussions on implementing each strategy in the classroom.

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December 2015

Jen MartinDate: December 4, 2015

Title: We Are All Advisors Here: Appreciative Advising across the Curriculum

Presenter: Jennifer Martin

Description: Based on Appreciative Inquiry theory, the Appreciative Advising framework includes six phases: Disarm, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver, and Don’t Settle. The post-presentation discussion featured an overview of the college’s Advising structure, as well as a lively dialogue regarding the pre-admit process.


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November 2015

AudienceDate: November 6, 2015

Title: About Attrition: Effective Retention is a By-Product of Effective Education

Presenter: Marianne Niese

Description: This session illustrated the impact "community" has on improving student retention & provided attendees with strategies for increasing motivation, classroom participation, and an overall sense of belonging. Thirty-two attendees from across the divisions and from student-support departments attended the session; as part of the collaborative environment, many shared their own experiences and strategies for promoting student success. At the heart of the discussion was the vital role career counseling plays in identifying long-term goals, the positive impact of FYE courses, and the impact new student orientation has had at other institutions.

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October 2015

Social MediaDate: October 3, 2015

Title: Social Media: Current Issues from the Classroom to the Courtroom

Presenter: Kathleen Pickens

Description: This session featured a discussion of current conflicts between social media usage and academic freedom, as well as approaches to incorporating social media into the classroom to boost interactivity, without violating FERPA.

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September 2015

Ronnie GladdenDate: September 4, 2016

Title: “TRANSition: Transgender Students Crossing Over to Success”

Presenter: Ronnie Gladden

Description: Friday’s “TRANSition” session sparked a dynamic discussion of how instructors can create a more inclusive classroom environment for trans* students with alternatives to the traditional first day “roll call”. Attendees shared their own strategies that provide students with the opportunity to be called by their preferred names and discussed the current difficulties of supporting this in the online classroom.

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First Fridays

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