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Faculty Guide: Videos

Films on Demand

Linking to Videos

To link to videos from Films on Demand:

  1. Click "Share", located under the video
  2. Click "Embed/Link"
  3. Copy the RECORD URL. This proxy link will enable students to access the video from anywhere off-campus, provided they log-in using their name & 7 digit College ID.
  4. If you're adding the link to your Blackboard site, you will want to be sure to check the box for "Have link open in a new window" to ensure that the content is not blocked.

Embedding Videos in Blackboard

To embed videos from Films on Demand directly within your Blackboard course:

  1. Click "Share", located under the video
  2. Click "Embed/Link"
  3. Copy the EMBED CODE.
  4. In the Blackboard editor, click the HTML button.
  5. Paste the EMBED CODE into the form.
  6. Click "Update".

Please note: it is highly recommended to also include a link to the RECORD URL with the embedded video. The link provides another access point if the student's browser or security settings block the video from displaying.

FOD share

OhioLINK's Digital Video Collection

Videos covering a wide range of fields are available from OhioLINK's Digital Video Collection. Videos are available for direct viewing from the Web, or for downloading for temporary storage.

  • Identify the film you wish your students to view
  • The description page will provide a unique URL to that specific video. This page can be bookmarked, or this address can be copied to your assignment sheet, or into your online course.
  • Free software called RealPlayer, available at can be used to view the videos.
  • Closed Captioning is NOT available for most OhioLINK videos. For accessibility reasons, we recommend seeing if the same (or similar) title is available in our Films on Demand database.

FIlms on Demand

Watch & Learn

Our YouTube Tutorial will walk you through how to find academic streaming videos.

Video Resources on the Web

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