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Social Media: Assignments

Personal Branding



In addition to sharing images, can be used to share up to 15 seconds of video.

Animoto for Educators

Enables users to create videos out of text, images, and even embedded videos--includes a large CC music library for background sound.


Create presentations online that utilize multiple formats (text, images, videos), are able to be edited by collaborators, and that may be shared to anyone (based on privacy settings).


Upload and share publicly or privately PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and Adobe PDF Portfolios.



Textual Analysis

Wordpress (or other blogging/website platform)

In addition to use as a blogging platform, can be used for multi-page projects and portfolios.


Microblogging platform.


Follow & share events in "real time" & learn the value of conciseness.

Connectivity & Communications

Google Hangouts

Connect to up to 9 other people for video calls & the ability to screen share--perfect for organizing virtual study groups.


Lets users easily create html email campaigns & newsletters with customizable templates and results tracking. Free for mailing lists under 2000 contacts.


Group calls up to 25 people (free if all are already on Skype) & ability to screen share.

Additional Resources

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