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Textbook Resources: Getting Started

What books do you need?

Welcome to the Cincinnati State Library Textbook Resources site --

This guide was created to help students save money by providing links to a range of textbook options.

Biology textbook          Automotive service textbook         Sociology textbook        Literature textbook        


Once you know what books and materials you need, you can see if they are on reserve, check if they can be ordered from a library, or compare prices with the Cincinnati State and online bookstores. Most textbooks CANNOT be ordered through a library but you may still want to check library options first before purchasing them.

To find your textbooks, you need to know:                                                                                

  • the Title
  • the Author's first and last name
  • and the Year or Edition

You can get this information from your class syllabus or from the Cincinnati State Bookstore by visiting its website or checking the course label in the store.

Saving money on access codes

Shelf tag from the Cincinnati State Bookstore for Biology 151 with an arrow pointing to the ISBNIn addition to your book, some courses may require you to purchase an access code that is used to complete course assignments. To compare access code prices, you will need the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for the code.

The same textbook may have multiple online codes available, so be sure to check the ISBN before buying a code online or comparing prices. The ISBN is not listed on the website, but can be found on the course's shelf label in the bookstore as seen in this photo.

To save money on your access code, try one of the following:


  • Purchase your code directly from the publisher with the registration link provided by your instructor in Blackboard. The code may be cheaper when sold directly or may have different purchase options than those offered by the bookstore (i.e. you may be able to buy just a code or a code and an e-book).
  • Use the code's ISBN to find a cheaper copy of the code at an online bookstore (i.e. Amazon or Barnes & Noble). Either buy the code online ahead of time or ask the campus bookstore if they will match the online price you found. More information on this process can be found on the bookstore's price match guarantee page

If you buy a physical copy of the code, make sure you wait to open it until you are certain you will take the class. Most access codes CAN NOT be returned once they have been opened. Also, access codes are intended for one time use and are not available from any library sources.

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